Thomond Park (Munster)



Thomond Park

Limerick, Ireland.

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Capacity of 13,200 Phone Number : +353 2 14 32 35 63

Thomond Park (Munster) Thomond Park is a stadium in Limerick, Ireland. It is the home of Shannon RFC, UL Bohemian RFC and Munster Rugby. The stadium holds a special place in rugby due to its own unique history and atmosphere. It is at Thomond park that Munster celebrated their legendary 12-0 victory over the All Blacks in 1978. The Stadium is famed for its noise during play and the complete silence while home and away players are kicking for goal. It is also very intimidating for visiting teams, as Munster had never been beaten at home during the Heineken Cup since it was first played in 1995. Thomond Park has a capacity of about 12,500, with ongoing developments set to raise this to 26,500. As it presently stands Thomond Park consists of two pitches, the main pitch and a training pitch. The main pitch is bounded on all sides by terracing with a stand located above the west terrace. The training pitch is located behind the west stand with the Shannon R.F.C. pavilion located in the southwest corner of the ground. The UL Bohemian R.F.C. pavilion is located within the west stand. Traditionally, the terracing and four sides of the pitch have had local nicknames, however they seem to have increasingly fallen out of local parlance after the redevelopment of the ground in 1998. Most famous of these is the east terrace which is known amongst fans as the "Popular side", this sits opposite the "Stand side", joining the "City End" (South Terrace) with the "Ballynanty End" (North Terrace). The "Popular side" has gained notoriety in local rugby folklore for the colourful comments that can be heard emanating from local wags and alicadoos in the direction of the pitch, occasionally drawing reaction from players and officials, to the amusement of other attendants.